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Do you have the moves to complete missions? Originally a ninja was a special Japanese mercenary that specialized in a certain type of warfare. The ninja did not follow a strict code of conduct like the samurai would. They mainly dealt with special attacks including sabotage, infiltrations, espionage and precision assassinations. Ninjas are skilled fighters that played a huge role in Japanese history. There are signs that ninjas existed way back as far as the 14th century but back then they were called shinobi.

Here at Ninja Ruler we bring back the might of a ninja in all exciting online ninja games. Ninjas are well known for their black-flad silhouettes who have the skill and moves to stay undetected. In most books and movies ninjas are depicted like this. Together with their stealth and abilities they can be one of the most dangerous assassins out there.

Become a ninja today and play some of our exciting ninja games. Games such as 3 Foot Ninja will win your heart and make you an addict to the ninja games. In this game your goal is to help your ninja complete his mission and find the lost scrolls. Here you need to use inquisitive ninja skills in order to pass all the obstacles in your way and reach the end of each level. Once you have found all the five lost scrolls of the elders your mission has been complete.

Other games like Ninja Rampage need you to help a ninja destroy all the guards without being seen. Here you really need to think like a ninja and to use clever thought in order to pass each level. Ninjas are renowned for sabotage skills. They know how to stay undetected and to move fast so that they can outsmart their opponents. Can you stay undetected?? Try a game now and see if you can become part of the elite ninja group.

Here at NinjaRuler we have a wide range of games waiting for you to come and play. Help a Ninja on a Quest in faraway lands, Play a battle between pirates and ninjas and be a fierce fighter against all the other ninjas.